About me

Full stack developer with solid experience in a wide range of projects, from simple page applications to complex custom solutions such as, Content Management Systems (CMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), E-Commerce, API integration/development, Database Optimization, Front-end development Vue.js, Tailwind CSS and managing Servers/Infrastructure

Throughout my career, I have collaborated with clients and companies of varying sizes, ranging from small advertising agencies to mid-sized corporations, to tackle unique challenges and deliver exceptional results.

Work Experience


Full-stack Developer

Developed a custom content management system (CMS) for a ecommerce company that enabled them to manage and publish their online content more efficiently. Built a customer relationship management (CRM) system for a small business that allowed them to track sales, leads, and customer interactions. The system was built using Laravel and integrated with third-party services AWS S3 for media storage and SendGrid for email notifications.


Senior Backend Engineer

Built dynamic, interactive web applications improving user engagement and experience through optimized UI and enhanced functionality. Developed and maintained APIs using Laravel Lumen, enabling seamless integration with external services and data sources


Full-stack Developer

Software implementation, testing, and configuring metrics, monitors, and dashboard using Laravel and Wordpress REST API. Implemented Vue.js, Tailwind CSS to streamline front-end development workflows and create mobile-friendly, intuitive user interfaces


Full-stack Developer

Website and database optimization techniques which improved load times for data intensive pages and API endpoints. Server automation/backups with Python/Bash, applied security patches on a regular basis




PHP Micro-framework

A simple and lightweight PHP Framework for personal and learning purposes, the framework is for learning and is not intended to be used "as is" in production environments. A simple blog and user registration is built in into this framework


Created to help hard working YouTube creators who want to go part-time and then generate a full time income on YouTube doing what they love. HotVue main features include: Time Tracking, Data visualization, to quickly grow, engage and connect with other YouTubers.

Custom Laravel CMS

A custom Laravel Content Management System with standard functionality such as a frontend and backend component, Admin dashboard, User registration, Settings and Page management.